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February 11, 2012
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Richard III Saint-wicked by cabepfir Richard III Saint-wicked by cabepfir
This is a very old image (2005, I believe). I just wished it to be on the internet so that I could link to it.

Acrilycs on paper
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HughHmrs223 Featured By Owner Edited Sep 13, 2014
[Richard III]
♪... And nobody, in all England,
No sov'reign that there is or was,
is ever gonna bring...
ME~~~ DOWN~~~!!!♪
[History Teacher & Students]
♪Look at him, he's deformed! GET HIM!!!
No one mourns the Deformed!
So we got~ to~ bring-uh him...♪
[Richard III]
[History Teacher & Students]
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thank you :)
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Catchy title....
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Jekyll and Hyde...
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Cool!  Fiction and fact, together again!! :D


His motto tells us a lot: "Loyalty binds me"...nobody likes to be bound, unless they're into that sort of thing; loyalty bound him to his formidable and dangerous brother Edward, but it's interesting to note that for the better part of his brother's reign, Richard kept far away from court!  And the ties that bound him snapped with Edward IV's death--it did not take Richard long at all to demonstrate where his true loyalties lay...


April 9, 1483; Edward IV dies.  Richard was away in the north, it would have taken roughly three days before Gloucester received word of the king's death.


April 30, 1483; Richard intercepts the young King Edward V on his way to London and effectively seizes control of the boy.


May 1, 1483; the widowed Queen Elizabeth, learning of Gloucester's coup, immediately goes into sanctuary at Westminster Abbey with her younger son.


June 16, 1483; Richard, now Lord Protector, and his Council coerce Elizabeth into surrendering custody of her younger son into the Protector's hands. Both he and Edward V are placed in the Tower of London.


June 20, 1483; Lord Hastings, the most powerful supporter of the sons of Edward IV, is abruptly accused of treason by Richard and executed without trial.


June 24, 1483; the Duke of Buckingham, Richard's most powerful ally, addresses the Mayor, Aldermen and leading citizens of London, urging that Richard should be made King.


June 26, 1483; Richard is "acclaimed" King by a crowd of carefully chosen men, all in service to Richard and Buckingham. Edward IV's deposed sons remain imprisoned in the Tower.


July 6, 1483; Richard III crowned King of England.


July 20, 1483; King Richard leaves London on a royal progress through his kingdom; the sons of Edward V are never seen again after this date.



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It may be old, but it is still striking!
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